September 2, 2015
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Praise God for the privilege granted to be part of this challenge. l saw the flier at a salon in lkeja and l decided to check out the website et al. l got challenged to join in the 40 days water and word. l joined on the 3rd day or so and l followed the discussions and bible readings. About 30 out of the 40days, l wasnt in Nigeria but l followed the plan and the discussions.

l got a sms and email daily and l read the watsapp discussions. l wont say l read all the bible passages and drank only water. No. But l have enjoyed following the reading plans and themes, trying to sip constantly from the bottle of water l have with me, reading up peoples understanding of the scriptures. l particularly loved that there was always someone to steer the discussions back to focus when there was any discussion not actually relevant. And it was always done in a nice way. And l love to know that there are still many who love the Lord and His word. Thank you for the privilege to share your space and knowlege. Your labour of love for God and His kingdom is not in vain. Amen