• Started water and word challenge weighing 75kg...but now, i'm 70kg....Praise the Lord!
  • I'm not a regular person on the platform in terms of commenting but truly my eyes have been open to some realities of the scripture. It's been a wonderful experience & time in this water challenge, my tummy has gone down tremendously. No alcohol, no strong drinks etc Can c now that God is still in the business of doing miracles. I rest my case here, I luv u guys but God luvs u more.
  • All praise, honour and glory to God, for granting me the grace to be part of His end-time revelation by the power of the holy ghost.I was introduce to it by someone i barely knew and have not met according to God working power.My eyes of understanding being enlighten to His will, (more…)
  • Praise God for the privilege granted to be part of this challenge. l saw the flier at a salon in lkeja and l decided to check out the website et al. l got challenged to join in the 40 days water and word. l joined on the 3rd day or so and l followed the discussions and bible readings. About 30 out of the 40days, l wasnt in Nigeria but l followed the plan and the discussions. (more…)
  • My testimony goes like this: I so much thank God for showing himself mighty in this platform. Before I find it difficult to read the word of God{BIBLE} but now during this challenge of word n water. In a day I can't do without reading the word. Thank God Want to say a special thank to pastor Mrs Temitope Adeolu for giving me the privilege to join men n women of God. God bless ur ministry ma. I use to know JESUS before but now I know HIM better dan previous. Praise GOD in highest..
  • God bless the organizers and everyone that participated. Though i found myself struggling when the chapters increased but the Lord helped me through. I really do not care about water before the challenge but now i consume so much and my body too has adjusted to receiving it. God bless u. Though am far away in Abuja, am close through the platform. Remain blessed.


This is a 40 day challenge spanning over 7 weeks. 40 days is long enough to form a habit, and our habits determine our outcomes. Over the next 40 days, we want to combine two themes that have the capacity of transforming our lives - in all it’s dimensions. As we drink healthy we enjoy it’s benefits, as we read God’s word, we become transformed from the inside out. During these 40 days there will be 7 weekend Services you don’t want to miss as we set direction for the reading for the coming week, and share truth from God’s word. We are going to read the Big Story and find the connecting line in all of Scriptures and collectively finish a swimming pool of water together! It’s going to fun and exciting. Join the train.

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